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Our History

Family company dedicated to satisfy the needs of your home and business, with 18 years of experience the quality of our services improves day by day. Our mission is to offer you products and services of high quality.

Everything started in 1990 when we began selling door by door hand made
fabric curtains  (self created)  and offering installing services.  

In 1992  we entered a new stage offering more services that were sale and installation of blinds and verticals and for 1994 we already had an ample variety of blinds and verticals such as  bamboo, horizontals of aluminum and  wood, Romans of bamboo, wood roller blinds, etc.

In the 2000 we decided to extend our product range and turned the front of our house into a store - office, for 2003 we already had a great variety of products and little by little we have introduced new products.

We invited you to visit us and to know our ample range of decoration products, living-
rooms, dining rooms, blinds, verticals, horizontals, curtains etc…